July 29th, 2017

I am pretty excited to get a new place to live. I am also excited to live in a new situation. Apartment in a town, walking distance to food, and mass transit availability among other things. I won’t need to drive as much to other places! That’s going to be so nice.

Yes, it’s gonna be different but it’s the way I have been living my life the last several years – trying new things in new places and really enjoying life like I want to enjoy it. I hope things will calm down a bit, however, so I can do some traveling.

I just have not been able to get away quite yet because it has been so busy, but I am getting a little antsy and need an adventure someplace. Not sure where that’s gonna be yet, but I definitely want to go to Canada to use my pass. I have been to a few National Parks in British Columbia but there are a few that I have not been to yet and two of those are Glacier and Mt. Revelstoke. Those are high on the list and are close to Washington.

I still hope to get to Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire this fall but it may be later than I wanted to go (mid-October instead of early) but I still want to go. I wanted to drive  there pulling the trailer but it looks like I will probably be working later into the year and cannot devote the time right now to do that so I’ll end up flying. I will drive it in the future.

The summer is flying by pretty fast so I guess Mid-October is not really that far away. That’s not too long to wait for that so I better get myself a ticket soon.

Gotta go to Canada first though.

That’s all for this entry!


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