July 5th, 2017

A day off today and I took great advantage of it – I slept until 10. Okay, I could not get to sleep until 2 AM after going to a cookout last night and hanging with friends. Good food and friends – it doesn’t really get too much better than that. Well, okay, booze too but I have been sick lately and trying to recover so no drinking for me. I don’t drink too often anymore anyhoo.

Some of the people there spent some serious money on some serious firepower. There were some pretty big aerial shells going off. It was mostly guys blowing stuff up (surprise) but one woman was tearing it up too. It was a lot of fun and you could see the inner kid in all of us coming out. One shirt said “I Cannot Hear You Over the Sound of Freedom!”, and another had a picture of a cat that said “Meowica” under it. The spirit was there!

I hated to leave when I did but I needed to get home and rest. Today is pretty much my only day off this week. I was scheduled off tomorrow but it ends up that have to do some administrative stuff for work that will take most of the day unfortunately. Cannot even sleep in since I have a doctor appointment early morning so I’ll be driving all over the place.

Today I have been busy doing some more things to the trailer. I got some drawers that screw up under the table so I now have three drawers for extra storage space. Those are now installed and I got all the stuff stashed in them that I got them for. This freed up other drawer space for other things and more organization. I also got a tissue holder installed to hold the box up out of the way yet still convenient. When you have such a small space you need to be creative with how you have things stored and these items are really some of the handiest that I have gotten. Plastic tubs are next along with measuring and figuring out some shelving for smarter storage in the cupboard.

I need to get out for another adventure very soon. Perhaps in two weeks I can take a long weekend and go someplace (maybe visit friends in Sequim again). That will still give me time to also work on the small leak I still have, but now that we are headed into the dry part of the year it will not be AS critical but still needs to be done. The window removals and re-seal project on those will be time-consuming but won ‘t be too tough and with the weather being drier and warmer that will definitely help (along with video tutorials I have found online!).

I have gotten my blog name changed over now and have removed the Twitter link so they are now separate. Again, I don’t even now if I will keep the Twitter account so that remains to be seen. It is just one more thing to deal with, but not as important to keep updated as this blog.

That’s about all there is for now.

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