June 28th, 2017

Today was a bit interesting.

I started out this morning at my doctor appointment. It went great – all is well! Glad to hear that bit of news. While cleaning the trailer and organizing sone stuff I found some mold from a water leak so I sprayed it with 409. That stuff got in my lungs and it feels like I am getting bronchitis. The doctor didn’t hear anything but it feels like I am wheezing after a two-pack day. Albuterol isn’t helping at all so I hope it goes away soon.

After my appointment I went for breakfast. I was fasting for some labs today so I had not eaten since last night at 7 PM. I was famished and nearly withered away into nothing and needed to eat.

After that I went over to Costco to get a few things and return something. As I was perusing the aisles I rounded a corner to find a woman in the middle of the aisle I was headed down whipping out a boob to feed her kid. Right in the middle of the aisle just a few feet from the main aisle. Now I don’t have an issue with boobs or even breastfeeding in public whatsoever, but at least turn toward the shelves and don’t stand in the middle of the aisle! My first instinct was to flash some twenty dollar bills but thought better about that idea since she did not have on a G-string so there was nowhere to put the money!

After a trip to the grocery store I finally gave in and stopped and got my hair cut off. I was going to let it grow out but it was getting unruly and it is also getting hot. It was getting long since I had not had it cut in nearly a year, but not long enough on the sides for a pony tail so it was at that awkward-looking stage. It does look better for work too so a side benefit there. I recently read an interview with Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden and he said he cut his hair off because it got him treated differently (i.e better and with respect) when he was out shopping. That makes me wonder if they would have treated me better buying 5 packs of earrings at Walmart a few weeks ago.

I had stopped by Walmart to get earrings since I have issues finding them even at Claire’s or Icing. I have room for five pairs in my ears so I get them when I can find them. I lose a few here and there like everyone else and I don’t want the holes to close up. Anyhoo, the woman in the department would not open the case up so I could even look at them; I had to tell her which ones I wanted and she would hurriedly open the case up and pull them out fast and lock it right back up. Mind you, these are $5 a card so it is not the usual high-dollar Walmart fine jewelry for $10. I told her I am a “grown-ass 57-year-old man and I am not going to steal anything” and I made sure they knew I was insulted by the insinuation. There was a manager of some sort standing there with her discussing something so he stopped, and came around and stood right effing next to me holding the case so I could take them out and look at them. I shoulda just turned around and walked out but I needed the earrings (I mean, why would I show up at my training not fully accessorized?). Not sure what the issue was but I will not be going back to that store again. Yeah, I have 10 earrings, long hair, and a leather biker coat…so what. Doesn’t mean I’ll be stealing their cheap earrings. I did not talk to a manager at the time, but I’ll be calling them tomorrow and discussing that with one.

I finally got my new Instant Pot yesterday! I have been waiting for it for a while now. It is the latest model that was just released but it took me over a month to get it. I need to get some recipe ideas together to whip up some things in it. I did not have time before this trip to the grocery store to get a shopping list together but I certainly can cook a few things I bought today in it to try it out. I have a few recipes I saved that I think I can adapt to it, plus the all-knowing internet has an endless supply of them I am sure. There was a small recipe book in it that had an interesting herbed fingerling potato recipe. I cannot wait to try it out!

That is today’s update. Feel free to write, and checks and cash are always welcomed.


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