June 25th, 2017

I finally got back to my MacBook and am able to post a few pictures from the weekend.

First, some pics of the new baby and family:

A New Addition! From L-R Big Sis Emery, New Baby Rowan, and the Big Dude...He's LucasChelsea and Rowan

It looks like Chelsea had a toddler! Ten pounds but about two pounds appears to be a full head of hair. Makes me jealous! They were supposed to go home today but I don’t know if that happened yet. I hope they are able to finally get some rest!

I had a delicious meal on the flight home (yes, they actually do make delicious food on the planes). I had a salad, chicken with fingerling potatoes, and green beans (which I actually ate since they tasted like raw green beans):

Dinner on the Way Home

Of course, I had my usual vodka cocktail with my meal. This was much different than my snack platter that was served on Thursday’s flight. That went great with a local glass of red wine.

Since I don’t really fly that often right now I think I am going to have to fly First Class when I do fly. The service is great, I think you earn more miles quicker, and I get to sit in the front of the plane…all big pluses to me. I have had such great experiences flying on Alaska Airlines I just cannot see my way to give up on them and book through Expedia or go on any other airline (except for maybe Hawaiian Airlines).

That’s about it for now. I just wanted to get a couple of family pictures up!

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