Blog Changes

I have made a major change to my blog and will be making some more changes as well. You can now access my blog directly at! Be sure you enter .net and NOT .com or you will get a different site.

The main change is the domain name. I have decided to upgrade to a domain name of my own choosing for many reasons. One is so I can have an actual website and that makes it more searchable (I think!). Another is space…I was running low on drive space for my media files and I did not want to delete any of my pics, It gives me the opportunity to upload videos if I want to since I do not use any other video hosting service. This also opens up possibilities to monetize my site if I can ever figure out how in the hell to do that. I have been getting many more views each day lately.

I am cleaning up a few things, deleting some things, and may possibly change the theme again. I have separated my blog from Twitter as well so you will have to visit the website on your own so bookmark it and follow it! Didn’t really have too many followers on Twitter anyhoo so I may just close it altogether although I do enjoy following George Takei’s feed. That guy is clever and really funny. We’ll have to see what happens with Twitter.

Some of these changes will be noticeable and some may not be to my visitors and followers. I hope they will improve a few things for you!


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