May 20th, 2017

What a fantastic day it was today – mid-70s with sun and blue skies. A lot of people were out and about today and tomorrow’s gonna be busier I bet.

I got a lot done with the trailer between last night and today. Last night I got the water lines drained and the system flushed to get rid of the chlorine. The water system is now ready to use.

I made a trip to the storage unit this morning for some tools and supplies, then came back and got to work. I got a small corner shelf installed in the shower first and then sealed a few spots in the shower that needed it. That shelf’s gonna be quite handy since there was nowhere to put anything within reach. After that I got the rest of the lights installed so the interior is all LED except for the bathroom. I cannot replace the fixture in there so I need to get an LED bulb for it.

I got some safety wires put on the bug screens I have installed. The springs that come with them just don’t seem substantial enough to keep them on going down the highway so I wanted to add a safety wire just in case.

I thought about taking off with the trailer for the night but since I was gone to another area training some people the last two days and I needed to just stay home and get some things done. My days off will be changing and I am actually kind of looking forward to it. Less people to have to be on the highways with in the middle of the week and easier to find places to stay. Most everything is done that I needed and wanted to do to the trailer. I am hoping to get out in a few weeks but I am going to be quite busy during that whole time.

I wanted to get out and hike tomorrow but I forgot my damn backpack in my storage unit again today when I was there. I have been wanting to get it but the last few trips there I was on a mission to get tools and spaced it. I am heading to Port Townsend again next week for another appointment so I can get it on the way back and save a special trip and gas.

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