Observations – 01/15/17

This post finds me nearly home, in one last hotel for one last night on this particular adventure. I’m not so sure that I could call it a “vacation” and I have alluded to that. If you read my previous posts from the past week and a half to two weeks you would probably agree.

It’s nice to be back home (almost!), especially since I have things I need to take care of. It’s also nice not be on that damn airplane or in the airport. Any airport.

I am really over how humans are nowadays. Nobody gives a shit about those around them. They just do not care.

You know, it really is a shame that people don’t know how to act. Belligerent behavior because they’re too illiterate to understand what zone they are in even though it’s printed on their ticket and they get told to wait their turn, the people who have their heads buried in their phones and just tend to stop in front of you or block aisles and walkways and then look at you like you’re the problem when you say something to them about it, and last but not least those “feel good” parents who refused to say anything to their kid to correct their behavior when they’re annoying everybody else and doing things they shouldn’t do even after the stewardess tell them to stop. It really is no wonder the country is in the shape that it’s in. Our future could really be screwed. One thing about that belligerent dumbass…he was also causing problems in the back of the plane. The flight crew was handling it but I know how this guy was after seeing him in action in the terminal. I volunteered to help with whatever they needed to deal with this a-hole. They said they would keep it in mind but the situation was handled without escalating.

Enough of that subject.

I still have some of that residual noise in my head that I need to work on quieting down. I was in hopes of my trip to KS helping to negate some of the noise, but with the weather affecting me in KS as well as my trip south cut short it was a bit of a drag. Add to that I had a few bad hotel experiences in the Hilton chain. Still, I got some relief and that feels great.

Next up? Well, I need to find out when my job is wanting me to return to work for the summer season and that will have a big bearing on where the road leads me and for how long. I should know pretty soon when that is. I still have a few of those other previously mentioned “personal things” to take care of as well but my start date will probably have the most importance in everything.

All I know for certain is that it will be a road trip. I will be getting my Scotty trailer and bringing it home with me and making it another adventure. It will probably be a lengthy adventure in terms of time but some ideas I have had about an area to go to may change from what I was originally thinking. I thought of some other areas and places to visit at some point in my travels, and you never really know what else can come up. Just like the last few weeks!

Being a seasonal employee you also learn to over-apply for many jobs to cover your bases with the hopes you get something. It certainly makes it interesting living like this, but I enjoy it quite frankly. Keeps me sharp!

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