Video Posting

My mom was one of my biggest fans. Yesterday would have been her birthday and it has made me think about her a bit more than I already was.

She was one of my biggest fans and followed every posting of this blog through her dial-up connection. She printed out all of my postings and put them in a scrapbook. She would tell me how much she liked the pictures and how beautiful the places were that I had posted pictures of and the commentary I had written within the postings.

The main reason I started this blog was to keep friends and family up to date on where I was and what I was doing. I have tried to keep it interesting and fun, but I know there have been a few serious things I posted as well all well. Along the way I have gathered many followers and have received even more likes. I am glad my mom got so much joy out of reading it and I do plan to keep it going because she would have enjoyed reading all of it.

I was thinking of the possibilities of doing a video podcast during my travels along with my blog. I don’t know if I want to really work on stuff like that or not while I am oot and aboot or not so I need to ponder that thought. I will keep the blog going but I thought that doing a video podcast might be something interesting to at least try. I think that sometimes you need more than pictures; sometimes you need to have a better representation of what you’d like to say and video can say a lot. It can catch your emotions at the time, the sounds, movement…so much more of the experience.

I don’t really know much about doing the podcasts so I will be researching it to see if I even want to pursue it. You may be thinking “Gee…why not just use the YouTube?”. I am not a Google client and won’t be; I am also not on Facebook and haven’t been for 5 years. I left Twitter and pulled my music off of Soundcloud. This blog is the extent of my social media at this time. Since I am using a free WordPress site my storage at the moment is limited and I already have a lot of pics posted so there would not be much room for videos without deleting postings and media. I may have to consider upgrading back to my previous website domain and getting more storage.

The hosting and such I need to look into and see just what my best option is since I don’t know much about the hosting aspects either. If I did that I could have more storage and could post videos within my blog without having to do a separate podcast. I will still consider the option of the podcasting though.

If you read this posting and have any advice on website hosting please let me know!

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