My Time Away Comes to a Close

I am in the final hours of my time off. Tomorrow I start to make my way back home.

The weather has not been  cooperating with me during the last nearly two weeks. After I left California, it looks like they got about 5 inches of rain down there and I dodged ice and snow in Oregon. The storm chased me all the way back north up to Seattle. I got out of there and got on a plane to Kansas to visit family.

Unfortunately, this weather has screwed me out of some visiting time with my dad. I did get to see him for a few days of my visit here and we got some things done around the house that needed fixed. I had to come over to the airport a day early and grab a room because of a pending ice storm. I really hope I can get out of here tomorrow. It’s pretty much doom and gloom on the forecast so my fingers are crossed.

At least I have trip insurance this time. That should (hopefully) cover any issues that may arise from the weather (and a horrible airline). I usually do not buy trip insurance but I felt I needed to this time. I have an appointment I need to get back and get to so I can wrap up some personal business soon so I wanted to hedge my bets. I have some things I really want to do but cannot until I wrap those personal things up.

I did not get the chance to really decompress like I wanted and needed to. Yes, I was able to unwind somewhat but I really need more so I will figure that out when I get home. Granted I stayed in some nice hotels on my adventure, but that’s not what it was about.

That is the thing about the way I travel though. By not really planning I do assume some risk, but I feel the rewards outweigh the risks. I have never really had any travel issues by not planning. Things are bound to happen at some point and I accept that risk because the rewards can be fantastic! Besides, what am I gonna do about it? I can’t control the weather but I can control how I adapt to it. If I have to leave early then I have to leave early.

It’s all good though. I DID get the opportunity to get away for a few weeks and did get a road trip in. I got to visit family and any time you get to visit family is always a plus. I DID get to unwind some and that’s better than nothing. We just have to take what we can get when we can get it.

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