Road Trip!!

Well, I decided to head south after my appointment this morning. I will not give you my destination because I don’t really know what it will be. I have some bucket list checkoffs to sharpen the pencil for.

As I write this, I am in a hotel in Roseburg, Oregon. I had a beer and food at the lounge next door, then it was time to get my hot tub on. Needless to say I am quite relaxed right now and it is just whatI needed.

Keeping this short, as all I really did was drive today. I saw Mount Saint Helens, Mount Rainier, and Mount Hood on my drive. I also saw one of the worst highways I’ve ever driven on. It was black eyes for one had to been 30 miles. It was horrible. Cars were being pulled up over the side of the rail from an embankment, everyone was stopping to put their chains on. I honestly do not know why they have the highway still open.

I was hoping to drive a little bit farther, but I just said the hell with it and pulled over and got a room. I can drive more tomorrow and I plan on it. It will be much safer and I am also trying to modify my driving habits to go fewer miles a day. Slow down and spend time enjoying it.

This trip is really getting me excited to go get my trailer!

That’s all for tonight. Time to kick back!

See you kids later!

One thought on “Road Trip!!

  1. Be safe, enjoy life and feel that hot tub. “When I was a kid, if we wanted bubbles, we had to fart in the tub.” – Billy Ray Valentine in Trading Places

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