It’s Been a Week…

…and a bad week it’s been (posted well after this happened).

My mom died last week.

I have started to write this the post the day after the funeral but I am late in posting it – just wasn’t up to the task. How can you really put into words how you feel after something like that happens?! I guess that is easy but comes off sounding cliched. Maybe it’s best to just let it be and not figure it out. Maybe you CANNOT figure it out…

My mom always treated me like a rockstar. She never judged me or my actions (when she maybe should’ve), but always was there for me. She always supported me and was always there for me. Toward the end she was so happy when I got my motorcycle insurance straightened out (right before she died) and can have my surgery finally. She was a good person, a bit goofy at times, and I see a little bit of her in my family. She was always into traveling to new places to see new things. She will always be with me.

I was here in Kansas last week for a visit. Chelsea and I drove down from Seattle and had a few adventure stops along the way. It was a fun trip and hope to go again!

On my way back last week I was in Missoula staying the night but heading back home. I got the call that night and, even though we knew what was going to happen, it still sucks.

When we got here, she took possession of my Ford Explorer and I bought my dad’s Chevy Avalanche. On one of the many visits back here over the last 6 weeks, my mom said she wanted me to have the Scotty travel trailer. She knew that I could and would use it. And you can bet I will – it is the one that I moved to Washington in.

I am so very fortunate to have amazing parents. Thanks to them, I turned out okay despite myself.

Now it is time for me to try to sort through this and get myself into a better place inside.

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