Another Phase Begins…

Good fucking riddance, 2016.

Yes, there were some great things that happened – Meghan got married and looks to be set up good for a job, I got a different gig that I really like and get to return to next year, Chelsea is going to have another baby.

There were some bittersweet things and some potential changes that will be brought about due to the bittersweet; that I will come back to later.

And then, there was the horrible. Cancer. Cancer took my mom and she was brave to the end. My sister was diagnosed with a rare form and is fighting that after being told she would only last for a few years. My dad has been so strong. I try to stay in touch and will be making a visit back there very soon.

I just got done working for the season and I need a vacation so very badly. I really have not had much vacation in the last four years. Granted, my life IS a vacation basically, but I really need to have an adventure.

So…about that bittersweet. My mom wanted me to have and use the Scotty trailer. This is the same retro-looking trailer I used and pulled up to Washington when I moved here a little more than four years ago. It is still in Kansas since I have not gotten back to get it yet but I plan on doing that very soon. I need to get some things taken care of first, but after that I will be going to get it. It will end up being an adventure but I don’t know how that’s going to unfold quite yet. If you think about it that is what adventure is. My mom wanted me to get use out of that trailer so I will make her proud. I’ll be taking that thing all over with me.

I need this break so much. I have been so busy traveling for the family things going on. I have also been working as much as I can when I am back home. I am in a bit of a weird place right now with what has happened and I really to need to find adventure. Overall I am doing okay; I just need a break. Now that I am able to finally do some traveling my hopes have come to fruition and right about on time considering the wreck I was in (which DID set my plans back a bit).  Everything has worked out just fine all things considered. I will be doing many extended  road trips from here out.

After my appointment here in Port Townsend tomorrow morning I am free until Sunday night so I am going to go somewhere and I’m gonna do something. I did get my Watefont Pizza fix and soaked in the hot tub afterwards.

I do have some ideas but I’m just not quite sure where or what yet but I am really leaning on knocking a few things off my bucket list.

Check back later!


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