August 8, 2015


Today I took the Tunnel Creek trail and hiked to Hope Lake then on to Mig Lake. It was a perfect day for a hike – a few clouds but not enough to hamper the sun. The temperature was probably in the 60s, and except for six others and the loud-ass family of 5 whose kids had to scream literally at the top of their lungs, not many people.

When they say “most difficult”, they mean it. It went straight uphill for a mile and a half solid. I had red trail reviews about the hike and people were commenting about there wasn’t much to see. They were wrong! It was a beautiful hike through the forest. Lots of huge old-growth trees, plants of all sorts, and several different species of berries. As a benefit, and the canopy overhead blocked out the sun which was pretty warm when you were walking uphill in it.


A wilderness area has its own set of unique rules and regulations. It is nature set aside by man, yet it is the most restrictive of all the public lands. In a wilderness area you don’t see a lot of human interference, such as signs. Mechanical objects are not allowed even if it is to work on the trails or clearly tree. Wilderness areas are usually pretty pristine, but today I saw the bottom of the gene pool had been hiking there. Toilet paper/baby wipes along the trail and food scraps in camping areas. People just don’t get it it seems. I do my shareeople do as well. I do my share, and most other people do as well. Unfortunately the few people that don’t really should stay home but don’t.

I didn’t let that get me down though. As you can see it was a fantastic day for a walk and it was a fantastic day for a fantastic walk.



Hope Lake

Mig Lake

Plus, you have to remember that even though it may be hard to go uphill, then you stll have to come back downhill. I think downhill is worse than going uphill personally. It is harder on your knees.

It was a really good day in the forest. I got to decompress a little more and it felt nice. I’m hoping my bones solidify again quickly so Meghan and I can go for a hike tomorrow before I have to go back to the islands.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday’s post was an amusing little thing about making the dogs. Both of her dogs like to eat blackberries off the fine! Seriously, they walk over to the vines and pluck the ripe blackberries off and eat them!

Please bear in mind that these last two post have been off of my iPhone and I will probably have to clean them up when I get back to the islands. I just wanted to get a posting p please bear in mind that these last two posts have been off of my iPhone and I will probably have to clean them up when I get back to the islands.

Until next time!

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