Not Much Longer…

I have about five more weeks left to work up here in the San Juans. It has been a lot of fun and I have gotten to live and work in yet another beautiful place here in Washington.

I am not quite sure what is next…going back to Port Angeles for now and surgery is still pending for mid-October but I am in the process of looking for my next position.

I built a LinkedIn profile yesterday and have been busy this morning trying to get my info posted there. I am not on Facebook or Twitter and am not really interested in Facebook. However, I am not sure if Twitter would be helpful for a job search or not. If anyone has thoughts on that (or any other job searching ideas) please let me know. I am monitoring the unemployment website, a couple of job aggregators, USAjobs, Washington State job site, and some local papers.

If anyone reading this hears or knows of any outdoor opportunities here in Washington please let me know either here or on LinkedIn. It would be greatly appreciated.

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