October 18, 2012

Took my car to the dealer today to find out what the hell is wrong with the engine. It was mis-firing and the light was on the check the engine. Turned out that it was an electrical connection for the fuel injector that was cracked and loose. Seems that it is fairly common because it gets so hot under the hood because they cram so much crap in around that V-8 it runs on the hot side in the engine compartment. It was less than a hundred so I was okay with that. My gas mileage improved somewhat, but even with the miss it ran like a bat outta hell.

I wanted to get out of the house before it gets to be too cold to go out and do some things so I will be working on setting up my recording gear the next few nights after I get back to my cabin so after getting the car looked at I went to watch the high school volleyball team play their last home game of the season tonight. Sequim is a 2A school but the girls looked pretty good. They have some serious power hitters on the outside and are ranked 7th in the state.

Got back home and worked on importing my latest song (and another song I worked up a while back that needs some finishing touches on the arrangement and lyrics) into my Mac from my iPad. My iPad is the only way I can record right now and it is an open-air recording – nothing is wired into it so the sound quality is just not there. I feel inspiration coming back and the song I put together last night came out pretty good – just need to re-record the vocals and maybe add a few more tracks, but I will have to think about that. Just before I left I got rid of most of my equipment but got other pieces to record with because they were more portable and really better suited to doing what I was doing for recording.

It is strange how creativity can come and go like that. Things get busy, I guess, and you just get sidetracked and don’t feel as creative but still get ideas. That happens with me but I keep writing ideas down in my iPhone, iPad, or Mac and I will have them for later to sift through and give them a second look to see if they are really usable or not.

For those who would be interested, I will post any new songs on http://soundcloud.com/shawn-flaherty as well as put a notice in the blog pages when they are posted.

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