October 19, 2012

I just checked the weather forecast and it said 50% chance of rain for the next week. I just want to know how is that really any different than normal??? It will rain, or it won’t and there is a 50% chance either way.

This morning was the closing on the house in Colorado. A bit bittersweet for me but life marches forward. I got a call a little while after it was done and it was my real estate agent telling my “Congratulations… you are now homeless!”. I thought about that and I guess he is correct – I really AM homeless now. How strange that feels, but also how good and free it feels.

I got my Washington ballot in the mail today and I see a couple in things interesting on here. They have the Governor and Lt. Governor actually separate (in CO I believe they were elected together, like Pres./VP is). I wonder how well that works if you get opposing parties and if they work together.

The other interesting question on my ballot is this:

Initiative 502 on the State of Washington ballot

Initiative 502 on the State of Washington ballot

We’ll just see how certain segments of the people, who declare so heartily that they want Feds out of our lives (well, except when it comes to moral issues they want mercilessly to ram down the throats of others) handle this if it passes, and polling says it is quite likely to pass. Likely voters polled are at 57% voting YES, 34% NO, and 9% UNDECIDED. That is a pretty overwhelming statement. If you want more info just look it up online.

Speaking of elections, I find it harder and harder to stay neutral on this blog with all of the BS being spouted but I am doing my best. I do what I can to refrain from adding much political commentary – that is all you need… another “expert” talking about his own personal view of politics when you are here for other reasons and I want to stay not only neutral on here, but positive as well.

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