October 17, 2012

Enjoyed the day off today by getting a massage and a chiro appointment after taking care of paperwork this morning. Felt good and relaxed my neck and back pretty well. No crab for supper tonight but had Chinese today for lunch. I was really not very impressed with the place and will probably shop around for a different place. I had General’s chicken, but it was Tso-Tso. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Got my National Parks license plates in the mail today. I took the CO plates off Monday and got my new ones on today. I had to use a temp tag in the meantime. I know… seemed silly to me as well, but my car was now registered here so CO tags would be illegal.

Came home and picked up the guitar again tonight. I played around and came up with a melody that sounded good and actually got it to work with some lyrics I already had written and it worked out pretty good. I had to throw it down onto the trusty iPad until I can get my recording gear set up – looks like I need to do that tomorrow so I can get that song recorded along with some other ones I have set aside that I have already started working on. It has been a while since I recorded anything so hopefully the dry spell is past for now.

Chatted with my bro Rich and caught up on things in CO. Good to chat with him again and I really do miss hanging out with him. We did a lot of things together the last 16 years. That is where the internet, phones, and airplanes come in handy and they all run both ways so we can stay in touch.

Also got to talk with my other bro Dan for a few minutes tonight as well. We will catch up more tomorrow – he had to go to work. Pesky work.

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