October 16, 2012

Signed the papers on selling my house today. Kinda weird, but the last bit of the recent past is just about history finally. I will never buy another house again. Ever. I would rather spend my money on a trailer of some sort so I can go where I want or need to and will still have a place to sleep.

I was thinking that I have not posted a pic of the entrance to the refuge. It is a pretty nice facility.

Panorama of entrance kiosk

Panorama of entrance kiosk

The shoreline was just intense today – even more so than yesterday. High tides and big surf made for major entertainment as well as some major erosion and some sign damage. I met a woman by the Spit who was from Colorado and she giggled like a schoolgirl every time these huge waves would break on the beach. This is my Friday so I guess I will have a few things to do when I get back to work in a few days. Oh well… that’s why I am here.

I have been spending a lot of time talking with guests at the front gate giving them info and explaining some things in the Refuge, especially paying their entry fees. I have actually met several from Colorado, and even some who were from the area that I moved from. It is actually quite interesting to talk with the visitors. They come from all over. Yesterday I met an Israeli couple who were winding down their vacation and getting ready to head back and they told me all the places they had visited here in the States. They were having a great time traveling in an RV.

I have been playing my guitar almost every night for the past several nights trying to knock the rust off my fingers and doing some arranging for playing solo live. There are many bars in the area that have Open Mic Night (though not here in Sequim that I know of – they roll the sidewalks up at night!). My goal is to get a few songs down good and go play them in front of a crowd. That oughta be quite interesting since it has been a long time since I have played in front of a crowd!

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  1. Nice photo of the entrance. Could we get the groundskeeper to please get those leaves raked up though? It would make the park entrance look so much nicer.

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