October 15, 2012

Today I am getting my first exposure to a Pacific Northwest storm. I woke up to a beautiful day thinking “I thought it was supposed to rain…” but it was sunny and clear.

During this morning's rounds...

During this morning’s rounds…

The Spit during this morning's rounds...

The Spit during this morning’s rounds…

Needless to say that did not last long. We were listening to the weather throughout the day and they have wind warnings for gales up to 45 MPH tonight so I hope my power doesn’t go out again – I have electric heat in the cabin! It has been raining, and the surf was just roaring.

Beginning of the stormy weather

Beginning of the stormy weather

At lunch Chris and I made a quick trip over to check on his crab pots. He got a two pound keeper out of one and gave it to me! That is the second time this week I have had fresh crab and a Guinness for supper.

"Dear Charlie the Tuna... Chicken of the Sea my ass. Sincerely, Dungeness Crab".

“Dear Charlie the Tuna… Chicken of the Sea my ass. Sincerely, Dungeness Crab”.

I could really get used to this. That was absolutely THE best crab I have ever tasted – even better than the first one and that was pretty tasty. He said that was a $25 crab at a restaurant. He told me that if they grab your finger it feels just like your hand was slammed in a car door and it KEEPS hurting like that. Hard to believe they are that strong. He said he got pinched once and it hurt so bad and he bled all over the place because it broke the skin open.

So after my delicious supper I got a phone call. Seems as though three hikers (college-aged girls from Seattle) went to the lighthouse as waves were crashing BEFORE high tide came in. They left about noon, and I was there at 1:30 and it was boiling then and no way in hell I would have gone out then. High tide was at 3:20 so it was not even REALLY BAD yet. They made it out the 5 1/2 miles, left, and got scared and went back to the lighthouse. Luckily there was a guy out there with a truck (they are usually not out there because the weekly rental people are there alone and get swapped out each week) and he brought them back. I met them at the bottom of the hill and reminded them about how lucky they were and that this could carry a big ol’ fine. I got the three of them into my trusty Mule (and no… there was no fishing pole, candy or clown suit involved, Jim Smith) and hauled them to the trailhead and off they went into the night. I hope they make it back to Seattle safely after the day they have had.

An angry sunset

An angry sunset

I saw a sign Saturday someone had carved into the sand that I did not get a picture of in time before the tide got to it. In big letters it said “RESPECT ME” with an arrow pointing toward the water.

I wish more people would have seen that. Three in particular.

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