September 30, 2012

Sleeping much better finally and getting into a routine. Still a little messed up with the new Pacific Time Zone, plus learning the new gig has a lot going on.

I am hoping we can finally close on the house this week so I can get the last of “the past: out of the way. I want to get a motorcycle but cannot get it until I finish up with the house. With gas at $4 a gallon and more up here it would sure save me some money. Well, okay… it would be fun too.

Started out today opening the gate up, checking a few other things, then moving what I sure as hell hope is the last of my things to my new abode. I got some stuff put away, but there just has not been time to get down what I need to get done so I hope to get some things down with it tomorrow since it may be a slow day. Well… slow-er.

After that I went on the beach and picked up what little trash I could find. People here take great pride in this place and respect what it is about. There a a few things, but most of the stuff washes up from other places both near and far.

WTF was that noise? I was warned that there may be a squirrel or two living in the attic! Never a dull moment!

Anyway. today was hardcore after that. Two of us built a retaining wall around a tree that will have a native plant bed put in around it. The tree is distressed and the soil is very compacted. We have to loosen the soil before we fill it with planting materials and they hope it will help with getting moisture to the roots of the tree. Even though it is very lush and green here they have had somewhat of a drought I am told. Luckily the climate is humid and the fog rolls in often so it helps. I know in Colorado a drought meant 7% humidity.

After we got the bricks laid for the wall we went down to the Spit and closed off an area that will be closed until April or so for the winter migrating birds to nest. We out up a rope to cordon off an area, then put up signs closing it. I have to go down to the beach tomorrow and put up more signs to finish the job.

I am learning so much about so many nature things here. It is not just a job, but an opportunity to meet new and interesting people, have new and interesting experiences, and learn things from so many who are so knowledgeable. I really hope that this will open up some other doors for me, and working my ass off will hopefully help me step through those doors into other opportunities.

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