September 29, 2012

Well, the trip to the lighthouse did not go as planned. I got stuck and had to get someone to come and pull me out. The tide was starting to come back in so we had to abort the mission and go back to the mainland. It is much different than I imagined and is hard to instinctively pick a route – much more difficult than off-loading in the mountains, and we have been through some pretty interesting and very challenging places in the mountains.

I went over to the River Festival and it was very laid back and had many things about river conservation, tsunami debris, bird habitat, and other environmental-themed booths. I met more new people who shared very interesting things with me. I have met so many biologists and scientists it is just unreal. At one display next to ours they had geoduck (pronounced “gooey-duck”) clams. They are the ones that look like, well… a “unit” wrapped in a clamshell. They show them on cooking shows sometimes. They are huge, and they said they think they live to between 80-100 YEARS! Damn! One woman stopped by and said she caught one that was about 4 ½ feet long! Damn AGAIN!!!

Another guy said he would take me out crabbing some time and maybe on his boat. He is a former researcher and has some interesting stories.

Got nearly all of my things into the cabin now and have been trying to organize things. I have been working about 12 hours a day, and I can tell I have been sitting around too much before that. I should be back in fighting shape pretty quickly!

Been another long day. Off to bed for now.

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