October 1, 2012

Today was quite a day. To start, after I was told I was going to get to go Protection Island on a landing craft tomorrow (WOOT!), I spent the morning on the beach putting up signs. The birds were squawking, the waves were crashing onto the shore, sun was shining. It was a beautiful morning to be out near the water (especially not stuck!) – quite the opposite of tonight. More on that later.

In the afternoon we went over to another property to do a repair. This property is about 250+ acres that were donated to Fish and Wildlife by the previous owner when he passed on. It is a gorgeous piece of property. The house on it is interesting inside, and it has one of those “eyebrow” windows in the roof.

There are fruit trees on the property, and could probably be considered a small orchard. There are apple and Italian plum trees. The plums are about done but ere were a couple on the trees, and my they were tasty. On top of that that there were tons of blackberries, and they were delicious as well.

As we were outdoors getting things ready to go one of the other guys said the screeching I heard was a bald eagle. Moments later I saw it fly out of the trees. Pretty damn cool.

We went up into this land, which is closed to the public, and it is beautiful forest. We took care of what we needed to do and went back to the office.

I needed to go to town to take care of a few things so I took the Mule to my car and went. I got back here around 8:30, and loaded my stuff into the Mule. Trust me when I tell you it is dark on the trail coming back to my cabin. Pitch blackness for about a 1/2 mile. I had to walk it a few nights ago, and it is a bit spooky – and the fact that there is a jail escapee wandering around near here makes it even more creepy.

I get back and the electricity is out. Luckily I knew where my headlamp was and I was able to get stuff in the house. This afternoon a front started moving through and winds picked up quite a bit, fog came on, and temps dropped. I finally had to give up wearing shorts for this year. Just too damn cool.

Anyhoo, it has been a really good day. I cannot wait until the morning to see the island. It is closed to the public so this is a real treat and another rare opportunity. I cannot wait and will be taking some pics of the whole experience.

Woo and hoo!

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