September 24th, 2022

Yeah, it’s Fall again. That horrible time of year when everything’s starts looking dead for the next several months; I hate Fall for that very reason. Dreary and depressing, it just has a feeling of bleak finality. Oh, and let’s not forget the biannual stupidity know as The Changing of the Clocks, as mandated by … Continue reading September 24th, 2022

September 5th, 2022

Clouds…cool weather…a real need to get out of the house…all sound like good excuses for a road trip! Missouri has fantastic state parks This morning I loaded up the dog and we hit the road. We both needed to get out and get some walking in plus just a change of scenery was nice. Our … Continue reading September 5th, 2022

September 1st, 2022

Saw this awesome piece of home entertainment history in a thrift store; I have never seen one other than in pictures. Pretty sure it is not HD. It’s a Philco, which was a brand Ford Motor Company used to own and Ford cars were even equipped with Philco radios. While out and about getting a … Continue reading September 1st, 2022

August 19th, 2022

Made up some omelette breakfast burritos this morning with fried mushrooms, onions & peppers, Gouda, and bacon. Before you hammer on me about my diet, I cooked up six eggs, split three slices of cheese, and chopped two small strips of bacon. I divided all that up between six burritos and topped each with peri-peri … Continue reading August 19th, 2022