November 3rd, 2023 – Weston Bend State Park, Weston, MO

Awesome! Ladies crawling all over my trailer! What’s a guy to do?!

I could only be so lucky…one would be plenty!

I am being invaded by ladybugs. They are everywhere inside the trailer and out! I thought the frost woulda killed ‘em off but they are very beneficial bugs so I’m glad they made it out alive.

Since the weather was nice earlier, I had a window open to air out the trailer and they were all over the inside of the window frame and glass. They are literally all over the trailer and me. One even landed on my lips. Must’ve thought I was hot. 🤣

For some reason I had a pretty restless night – probably just being in a different bed and that is normal for me. Hopefully tonight will be better sleeping; it was very quiet and I was plenty warm.

I had a helping of my shepherd’s pie for lunch and a small glass of wine left from last night (I know…quitter). I decided to eat outside on the picnic table since it was nice out and I wanted to have a look at the road atlas to start figuring out my next stop on Sunday after we leave here. They are headed home and I’m heading to parts yet unknown.

It’s been a cool, cloudy and windy morning and it had warmed up like “they” told us. Then there was a brief shower – about seven drops worth of rain. It had calmed down enough to put the awning back out in case more was on the way. This shower caught me off-guard as I never saw any rain in the forecast, but I knew it was a possibility with the gray clouds. It sure cooled it off more than I figured it would.

Some of the places I wanted to go to are charging fee upon fee to camp and it’s getting ridiculous. I really miss having all the federal lands available. But, I have to just deal with what I have to deal with. I will still enjoy myself despite those fun-suckers and do as much dispersed camping/boondocking as I can when & where I can.

Dave & Lori got in late afternoon/early evening and got set up. We ended the evening hanging out around the fire, talking about everything. I have known them for a long time so we still have a lot of catching up to do.

They went inside and I babysat the fire for a little longer. I decided to wind up the evening, put the dogs in their crates and went inside. We will do a bunch more catching up tomorrow I am sure.

Breakfast for the group is on me in the morning so I am going to make some breakfast croissant sandwiches with farm fresh egg, fried prosciutto, and smoked Gouda cheese; hell…I might even griddle the cheese crispy too. That’s just how I roll. I might even cut up some potatoes for some home-fries on the griddle. It will be tasty and delicious.

That’s all for this post. Thank you for reading my blog. See you back here tomorrow!


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