January 6th, 2018

For some reason I woke up at 3:45 this morning. I don't sleep well usually, but it seems that I wake up when I have someplace I want to go and have an alarm set to get up early to go. Generally I wake up at 6:00 or so anyhoo. This morning I did have an … Continue reading January 6th, 2018

November 1, 2013

Well, "Saw IV" sucked. Not scary, but definitely had some gore. My copy is headed to the library donation box. Once was plenty. Going to be heading off for a massage here in an hour. To make the night even rougher, I am sitting here suffering through a fresh salmon filet I just grilled. One … Continue reading November 1, 2013

Smoked salmon pepperonis (yes… for real), massage therapy

A few days ago one of the guys at work gave me a huge bag of smoked salmon pepperonis - much like the amazing pepperonis I had in Longivew, Alberta, Canada from the jerky place. I had my first smoked salmon earlier this year and it was delicious. These pepperonis (think Slim Jim snacks only … Continue reading Smoked salmon pepperonis (yes… for real), massage therapy