Smoked salmon pepperonis (yes… for real), massage therapy

A few days ago one of the guys at work gave me a huge bag of smoked salmon pepperonis – much like the amazing pepperonis I had in Longivew, Alberta, Canada from the jerky place. I had my first smoked salmon earlier this year and it was delicious. These pepperonis (think Slim Jim snacks only edible) are so good and you would never know they are salmon. I have so many to eat I gotta get busier on them – I have eaten several, but they seem to be spawning in the bag and making more.

Last week I was leaving the rec center and saw a massage place across the street. I was thinking that I needed to get worked over good since I miss the ones I used to get at “Whips and Jaynes” (no, not really the name of her business, but it coulda been!) in Colorado. Jayne was THE bestest massage therapist and she kept me going for a long time with all of my neck and back issues. Jayne now is in California, and I wish her continued success because she is not only a very dear friend, but she is damn good at what she does. I mean that in all sincerity.

Anyhoo, I walked into the place and asked the receptionist if they did Swedish massage. She said “yes”, to which I replied “Let me put it this way… I want someone just this side of a dominatrix. I want to hurt when I leave here.”. She said, “Oh, that would be Larissa”. Tomorrow is my date with Larissa. I am not completely loosened up yet so I am hoping that a visit or two with her helps but it is kind of expensive so I cannot do many visits at this time. This is my Friday night so I get to relax for a day and a half after my massage. After I get out of there, I am heading directly across the street to soak in the whirlpool at the rec center.

I signed up for some health insurance last week so let’s see if I get accepted and how bad they are gonna screw me on premiums. I know, I know… you are saying “But Shawn!!! Insurance companies do not take advantage of people! They are just trying to get by and besides…they are people too!”. Maybe they will help cover massages. That would be a big help right now.

Not sure what I will do for Thanksgiving yet. I may go volunteer my time at the VFW Thanksgiving Feast, and there are a few others in the area happening as well. I called the VFW but did not hear back yet – they don’t have full-time office staff. I did get turkey today, however. The casino had it on the buffet so I did get my turkey dinner this year. I am not a big turkey fan, but once or twice a year I do like the dressing, gravy, and cranberries.

Last night I ordered my new iMac computer – WOOT! WOOT!. My current Mac is almost six years old and with the next OS upgrade I will not get it on the current one, plus they are not putting a disc drive in them on the ones coming out later this month and next month. I got a refurbished 27″ one that has a disc drive, so I am excited about getting that. Since I do not have a TV my computer doubles as one so this will be a bigger screen to watch. I currently have a 20″ screen and once I get the new one set up I will be selling the other one. It works fine except the disc drive stopped working correctly but I have upgraded things on it and it has OS X Lion, but I did not put Mouuntain Lion on it. If anyone would be interested let me know – it has a lot of life left in it!

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