January 6th, 2018

For some reason I woke up at 3:45 this morning. I don’t sleep well usually, but it seems that I wake up when I have someplace I want to go and have an alarm set to get up early to go. Generally I wake up at 6:00 or so anyhoo.

This morning I did have an alarm set to get up at 5:30 to shower, eat, have coffee and then drive to Port Townsend for hearing aid supplies. After that I went to Sequim and the wildlife refuge I used to work at. I wanted to see my friend Dave who I have not seen in a while and maybe see some other people I have not seen for an even longer time.

It was a good visit and he put me to work helping him move some stuff around most of the day. And of course I didn’t mind helping. It was good to get some exercise in the process of getting things done. The weather was cloudy but decent. We went out for lunch then after he was done working for the day we went to eat Thai food for dinner at Sawadee Thai in Sequim.

I am quite sore today after an ass-kicking massage yesterday. My back and neck have really been giving me problems right now and the massage therapist just wailed on me and it was very painful. I am definitely much looser today despite the pain. Well worth the money I pay. With any luck (not sure if it is good or bad) there will be a cancellation this week and I get a call to be the stunt double for another massage. I do have one in two weeks so I am hoping this stuff will loosen up for a little while at least.

I still need to get an acupuncturist to work their magic on me. Perhaps I need a trip back to the San Juans to see the acupuncturist I used to go to. I could visit also friends while I am there. It is just so damn expensive to get up there (fuel, ferries) on top of the cost of a doctor visit and a limited winter ferry schedule. I just might do that. It might help me sleep too.

I got back into my water-drinking routine, egged-on by my Water Minder app. That, and the Activity Rings on my watch, really do motivate me to drink more water and get moving more. I’ve been eating better, too, so I am really hoping to see some improvements and lose a few pounds. I am trying to really cut back on sugar and don’t eat very much bread usually. In Europe we will probably be doing quite a bit of walking and I am really looking forward to it. Hell, I might pull a Forrest Gump and just start walking and not stop. The food will be an issue over there for me since I want to try most everything there. Walking will help keep that off too.

I have a feeling the trip to Europe really will be more than a vacation. It is going to be more than the incredible things we will eat, the beautiful new places we will see, the interesting and amazing humans that we will meet and all the fun we will have. It’s a personal thing with me that I cannot really describe, but maybe it will make more sense to you, the reader, when I post about our adventures.

It might even make more sense to me too!

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