I’m Going Fishing… Just For The Halibut!

First an update: Last week we went out in search on invasive species called European Green Crab. Well, luckily it was a bust. We got many small shore crab, some beautiful Dungeness and Rock crab. The last two are edible but we are on a research permit and we cannot keep them so we did our counts and everything went back into the water MUCH to the dismay of many gulls waiting for some fresh crab. I feel their pain.

Now, on to this week. Tomorrow we go out again to set crab traps again. I hope to get some good pictures this time… the last trip they were blurry and did not turn out. I will post them after we check traps on Wednesday if I get any good pictures.

I believe I am going halibut fishing with a friend on his boat on Thursday. A new adventure doing something I have never done before! I am looking forward to getting out on the water and checking this out. It is the last weekend of the season for halibut sport fishing so I gotta go if I want to check it out. We will see how this adventure goes!

The first time I had halibut was at Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse in Anchorage, Alaska. I had their halibut tacos and they were fantastic. Many people go “EWWW!!!” at the thought of a fish taco, but they are so good – they are fresh and light and probably healthier than the regular ones. I have eaten many fish tacos and the halibut ones are far and above the best. Give them a try at a decent restaurant.

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