Yes, I am admittedly a beer snob. A well-poured, sexy pint glass of Guinness is my beverage of choice. I have also been know to drink a Fat Tire at times. I usually prefer micro-brews to most commercial beers and appreciate the craftsmanship put into micro-brews and home-brews.

I just saw an article that there is a class action lawsuit accusing Budweiser of “watering down their beer”. Gee… didn’t we all know that already? And honestly… it is for a paltry $5 million. This is a company that had $39 BILLLION in sales in 2011 and you go after such a small amount? Come on now! Make it worth your time and get some real money from them!

First off… DUH! It IS water. Secondly, there should be a lawsuit against Budweiser for claiming what they make is beer.

I can understand the turmoil with Maker’s Mark wanting to (and then deciding NOT to) water down their bourbon. You could notice that rather easily I would think, but I honestly am not very sure how it is possible to water down Budweiser, since  if you add water after it is brewed it would obviously reduce the carbonation and make it taste even worse than it already does. You simply brew weak, shitty beer to start with and bottle it up.

Funny how all of a sudden these people had watery beer when someone ELSE mentions it and wants to sue. Unbelievably NO ONE noticed any change in taste or carbonation until then?

Yeah… that’s what I thought.

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