Today’s Prompt – November 10th, 2023

What was your favorite subject in school?

English and Creative Writing classes were absolutely my favorites without a doubt. I like clever uses of language. Ironic, especially since I hate to read books.

Language is used in our lives daily, as opposed to algebra, trigonometry and calculus. You know…those things “they” said we’d need later in life. Looks like my choices of subjects to NOT take in school were wise.

Well-written, intelligent song lyrics that fit the “feel” of a piece of music are a big favorite. The later songs I have written I have tried to emulate my favorite songwriters’ styles. It makes it challenging to write but it is a challenge I enjoy.

No other subject in school was interesting until I got to college. English and creative writing were still favorites but I started to really like history because of the instructor I had. He made it fun and interesting.

Then came the broadcasting class, where I was chosen to be the producer (I had been a TV intern so I had a little experience) for the class project – a humorous spoof of a TV show called “Studs”, but we called ours “Duds”. I wrote some fake commercials and we had to do storyboards for the show along with our writing. We all did very well and got high scores on our production.

Of course, one of the best when it came to language and its quirks was the great comedian George Carlin. Yeah, he got a little bitter in his later years but his twists on words are classic skits that were incredibly clever.

I guess, thinking back, it’s really no surprise that I have a blog.

See you next time!


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