Cleaning & Maintenance

Yesterday was a miserable rainy day so today I decided to get a few things done so after the rain ended I headed outdoors.

First thing was I backed the trailer farther back onto the concrete pad, getting the jack onto the pad so it is on a solid surface with the rest of the trailer. I had moved everything out of the way earlier this week to make room to back it up, and I hope to haul some of that stuff away to the transfer station next week.

I still have to raise up one side of the trailer to level it since the pad has settled and is no longer level. I think I may move it over a little bit and see if I can find more level ground to park it on. Another thing is I can extend the awning, put out a chair, and hook up the griddle! I can have a campout in my driveway!

After that I dragged the trees and brush that I cut down on the side of the house a few days ago around back and onto the burn pile to be sacrificed. I still have more brush to clean up and plan to burn both piles this weekend – it’s supposed to be rainy and cold so it’ll be perfect for doing that.

I gotta sharpen the saw again before taking the big trees down. Maybe my rotary tool has a sharpening attachment that I could use…gotta look into that and get that done soon.

I went in for lunch and then started sorting through a few storage bins of papers from my parents. It was pretty tough seeing that stuff needless to say; some of it was medical stuff from when they were sick and it brought back some pain.

I was finally able to get through two big tubs of papers and called it a day. Just couldn’t do more. I did find some interesting things – old school things from my parents, pictures of me when I had hair – but I just didn’t feel like continuing with any more of going through more of that stuff.

I have tried to get this done sooner, and I did get some done over the last few years, but I had to step away for a while for my mental health. I’m glad to be getting back to getting things done and looking forward to having things in the rear view mirror.

Last week I tried to redo the gutter leaf covers but I had to buy an extension for the drill. It’s difficult to get back far enough to attach it higher up on the fascia board with some screws the way the flashing was installed. They have sagged a bit and leaves are not removing themselves very well now so I have to go through all the gutters to fix them. I can probably knock it out in a few hours if I start and keep going.

That’s it for tonight. Thanks for reading my blog.


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