I Have Come to a Realization

The last time I had a job was some time ago, but since then I have continued to set my alarm during the week (except for holidays; c’mon…I’m not a savage!). I wanted to maintain some normalcy given all the other abnormalcy in my life the last 12 years.

A few weekends ago I ended up staying up past my normal bedtime and actually slept in over the weekend for the first time in a long time. I woke up both mornings feeling refreshed by waking up without the alarm.

Maybe subconsciously I was just maintaining what was easy. I was already in the habit of setting an alarm, plus it IS nice to get up and seize the day early.

The aspect of “seizing the day” is difficult to do this time of year because it’s dark out when my alarm was going off. That kinda sucks and I think the dogs agree.

I have also been thinking about it more lately after my restful weekend. It really doesn’t feel like I’m fully retired as long as I continue to set an alarm.

I think that, in light of these recent developments and findings, I will no longer be setting my alarm unless I gotta be somewhere. I wake up when I wake up. If I am up at 03:00 then I’m early; if I’m awake at 07:30 that’s cool too.

I haven’t really slept in late much for many years so I’ll wake up early on my own. Plus, my dogs have things to do in the, um…wee hours of early mornings. They’re not going to let me sleep.

So…that was my latest epiphany. Thanks for checking out my blog.


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