Whoa!; Weather Changing

I saw an ad on TV for some savory granola bars. These days I usually don’t buy this kind of stuff because of my change in eating habits…but, being a foodie, these I really had to try.

I picked up boxes of the BBQ and the white cheddar ones, leaving the “everything bagel” seasoned ones on the shelf. Before I left the parking lot I grabbed one of each.

I opened up the BBQ first and what a surprise to the mind! Whenever you bite into a granola bar, especially this particular brand who was one of the first, you expect sweet crunchiness. Biting into this I was not ready for what was going on.

The taste is good but since you are expecting sweet it really throws you off. I mean it REALLY throws you off and makes you say “what is happening in my mouth?!?!”. It’s crunchy like a granola bar but with a savory seasoning on it. Your brain just cannot wrap around it.


It’s looking like a real change in the weather is on its way and I’m SO glad the hot weather is (mostly) done for this year. Don’t know how long it will last but it’s going to cool off. At least east that triple-digit stuff is done and it can go right back to where it came from: Hell. There’s actually a chance of frost, which would be good since it will kill off the skin-chewing insects.


I have discovered a small leak in one of the outer storage compartment doors of the trailer. I will need to get it in soon to get that fixed. I think it’s leaking around the latch and it looks like the door is a little soft around the latch. It’s under warranty so it’ll be fixed at no cost.

I needed to go over to the dealership to ask a few questions about winterizing so now I can get both things done.


That’s it for now.


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