Today’s Prompt – October 6th, 2023

Tell us about a time when you felt out of place.

Growing up in the Midwest I always felt out of place. There were many things that made me feel that way – the food, politics, religion, racism…the general close-mindedness. There were many other things as well but I will keep those to myself.

Oh, believe me…I still had as much fun as possible but I still felt smothered inside as a person. I did accomplish quite a bit on a personal level but I needed and wanted more out of life.

Moving away to Colorado was such a welcomed change. It was hard leaving family but it’s what I needed to do for myself. I made new friendships and was able to have new experiences in my life.

It was the same thing when I moved to Washington state. Even more new opportunities and friendships.

I am always wanting to discover new things in life. It’s a big reason I travel, and it’s a big reason I travel the way that I do. Some may be content to just go through life, waiting for things to happen.

Guess what? That’s not how life works. You have to get off your ass and go for the things you want and make it happen. I won’t get into it any deeper than this: if you’re happy to just get by well then good on ya. I am not wired that way and if I was I would have never gotten to do the cool things I have gotten to do in my life.

And I have gotten to do some pretty cool things.

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