I have been thinking a bit more about the trailer and the first trip since I got back. Other than it was great to be out and I am so ready to go again, there’s a few things I need to do that will make life a bit easier and better. There’s also a few things I have discovered while going through stuff inside and out.

When I got back I sanitized the whole water system. It was already done when I got it but I wanted to do it again just for my own peace of mind. You don’t want to take a chance with your drinking water; some people won’t even use their RV water tanks for drinking. I do and have never gotten ill from it. I just take care of the system.

I still need to study up more on the solar panel system. I know about the inverter part but I need to understand more about the control panel and if I am getting everything out of it that it does.

I have been going through things in the compartments. Some of my cookware handles vibrated loose so I need to check all of those and tighten them up. I have removed some things that I decided I don’t really need, and I think that having the griddle means that I can take the wok out of the trailer and put it in the house with the other one. I can do stir-fry on the flat-top.

I think I am going to reorganize a couple of areas – my clothes are in a drawer under the bed. I think I will put them back above the bed where I had them originally. I only need access once a day and the drawer space can be better used for other thingsI need to access more often.

Before I went on that trip I packed the pass-through storage differently and removed a lot of stuff and put in the truck in plastic under-the-bed storage tubs. I was trying to save room in the truck but I can get everything I need in the back with those tubs. It also gives me room the put the hitch and stabilizers in the storage while parked.

It’s not that I necessarily want to add things; I just want to remove the unnecessary things and their weight and make the best use of storage possible. The storage in this is definitely better than the Scotty had both in amount of layout, but I still want to make it sensible for use.

When I got my trailer, it came with the griddle I seasoned and used on my trip a few weeks ago and posted about. Along with it came with a decent vinyl cover and a wood-handled grill spatula. It has a rounded front edge so it’s not really ideal for a griddle. I knew I needed actual griddle spatulas.

Today I had to run for supplies and I found some pretty good griddle spatulas on Fall clearance for the Low! Low! Low Price! of $5 each! I was planning to buy two anyhoo and I got a screaming deal on these. They are pretty heavy duty stainless steel with non-slip handles that I think are silicone.

It was a really good score, plus I also got a griddle steam dome/cover. You can cover food on the grill to cook faster and more evenly plus you can squirt liquids under there for steaming things, like cheese on a burger. It wasn’t on sale as far as I know but it WAS pretty cheap so maybe it was. It is very well-made out of fairly thick stainless steel with a decent quality grippy handle on top.

I have been trying to remember a couple of things with the refrigerator when packing up the trailer to head out somewhere. First, I need some bins for the inside to keep things from shifting around. I think I can move a few different containers around that I already have and make it work.

Another thing, and this may seen small, but I really need to remember to latch the lock on the refrigerator doors. The trailer rides pretty nicely, but if things shift around (hence the bins) they could pop the doors open. The Scotty didn’t have one of these so it’s not in my packing rhythm yet. I always remember not far down the road after I leave so I pull over and lock it up.

Overall I was pretty happy with everything concerning the trailer. Just a bit of fine tuning left. Well…for now.

That’s all he wrote!


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