September 21st, 2023 – Road Trip! Missouri State Parks Adventure – Heading Back from Crowder State Park

I woke up this morning after a slightly early night last night. Probably the hard fruit punch telling me to go to sleep.

Last night before I went to sleep I did some looking at places to go to today. After checking the weather (which is part of my trip planning) I saw some potential for rain moving into the area. I think I’m going to call this mission a success and head back to the house. I’ll have other chances to griddle up some breakfast. I was lucky that the weather turned out like it did as there was rain forecast at the house; that’s another reason why I came up this way the last few days. Plus it was close.

I accomplished what I wanted to do. I figured out a few things, learned a few new things, and made some notes and checklist additions. It has been a good, albeit too-short, trip.

Yesterday I finally got the griddle seasoned and cooked on so that has been checked off the list. That was one of the last things I needed to take care of with the trailer; at some point I do need to get a dedicated garden hose to flush out the black tank but I can get by without it for now.

On the way up I drove at the slower towing speeds like I had posted about previously and it made a positive difference in my fuel consumption. That will be helpful, especially on longer trips, but it will save fuel and money no matter. Lower speeds makes it more conducive to taking the back roads too.

One big benefit of doing some meal prepping is that I put some portions in plastic containers to take on trips so I don’t have to do too much cooking (and more importantly cleaning). It saves time and I can eat more “extravagant” meals without the fuss. I’ve already made it so why not bring it? I’ll be putting together more this weekend to replenish the freezer.

Definitely have rain moving in but I can still get some things done around the house along with some cooking.

It was a too-short trip but it’s only the first one. I’ll make my adjustments and and am ready for the next journey.

Thanks for reading.


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