Major Score!; Alumni

I had to run to town for a few things yesterday. I went in a store and they had a pellet grill/smoker that was priced at $477, but that also seemed like a markdown price so I think it was higher.

Anyhoo, the thing was marked at $90. Yes, ninety dollars. Someone with the store walked by and I asked about that price. He checked and that was indeed the new price.

I was trying to watch my budget this month but a $500+ pellet grill/smoker for about 80% off? I’m jumping in the middle of that deal. It also was the very last one! Timing.

So I brought it home and will get it put together sometime soon. I have to get some space cleared and get some garage organizing done now that it’s cool enough to do it.

New toy!


Tonight I went to my first ever alumni dinner for my high school. I have been to a few gatherings over the years but this was the first dinner.

Something to think about: the only people who you know longer in your life than your classmates are your family. We all grew up together. In retrospect, that’s a pretty major part of our lives.

You always wonder who you will and won’t see at these functions, especially when you don’t go often/ever. My graduating class was 74 people as I remember so it was a small class. Seven of us from my class showed up tonight, and it was really good to see them all.


That’s it for now…especially since it was yesterday when I started this post and it’s now tomorrow.


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