Big Exciting News!; It’s Getting There…

Yup…some huge news. It’s bigger than big. Huge, I tell ya!

My daughter Chelsea just graduated this past Friday with her RN pin! A big congrats to her and all her hard work, sacrifices, and determination paying off! I be proud of ya, Kid!


The trailer organizing is coming along very nicely. I’m pretty happy with it so far. I think I have it set up to be pretty functional and the kitchen area is laid out to be efficient.

Speaking of cooking, I still have to get the griddle out and see what it looks like. It looks like a Blackstone but is a Suburban brand flattop, which is who makes propane furnaces and water heaters for RVs. It hangs on a rail on the side of the trailer and uses a hose hooked to a propane quick-connect fitting under the trailer below the bracket. I like that there is also a little prep shelf that mounts next to the flattop to have a work surface.

A few years back I modified the water heater in the Scotty to be more efficient and a little more Earth-friendly. I added an electric element to it so I would not need to burn propane unless I had to. This trailer has it already built in and using both together you get a faster hot water recovery if you need that. But, you can just wash up daily. It’ll save water and you can shower less frequently; that’s what you want to do if you’re boondocking anyway but you don’t want you or your trailer to smell like ass, either!

It’s also really nice that this trailer has an outdoor shower…no more saucepan showers while off-grid! But, I guess an outdoor shower is pretty much not going to be happening in a KOA!!! That’s a good thing…some people sing in the shower and just maybe I don’t wanna hear them sing in the shower outside if they’re no good.

Or unattractive. 🤣🤣🤣

Anyhoo…I am getting a pretty good feel for the trailer. It is sort of similar to the Scotty in its basicness, but then it’s so much more. This is one of the best-built trailers out there and I can feel the difference when I am in it. It’s modern, it’s bigger yet tows better than the Scotty, and it has modern conveniences and a modern feel.

When I finally decided to seriously consider a “bunkhouse” floor-plan it really opened up more possibilities. That came to be after I looked at one in person and saw some videos on this particular trailer. I really thought hard about the utility of that extra space and that really was the clincher.

You could sleep 5 in it but I can flip up the bottom bunk and have all that extra room to put my e-bike, yet still have room for some other light, bulky things (like suitcases) and still sleep 4 (not like that will ever happen).

With that extra bunk/storage space, I can move a few things like that from the truck into that space. I have been thinking about the organization in the truck and I have a plan.

I have a cooler across half of the front of the bed, Behind that is a big wheeled tub that is all of the stuff I need to set up the trailer. I think I can even downsize to a smaller bin since I don’t have this one full; I’d rather have extra space for something else I might need.

I am going to go ahead and finally pull that dual-fuel generator out of the box. I’ll get the oil in it, and maybe try to use it just as propane and not carry gasoline unless I absolutely think I would need it. That would go on the other side of the rear of the bed. That leaves about ¼ of the front of the truck bed empty. Plus I have room to put the dog crates for them to sleep in at night. I am sure that I can pack it all stable.

I have a few things I have bought for the trailer, but really I have been able to just take much of the gear I had in the Scotty and use it in this Rockwood. I picked up some $1 bins & baskets to organize with and that has really helped I had some left but I think I can probably use some for storing things like one for pens, pencils, journal or notebook…whatever you would like to keep separated and from sliding around on your travels.

I ordered a power surge protector to keep my trailer from burning up if it is wired wrong in a campground. That is not a good thing to have happen. It’s an expensive thing to have happen.

I still have to set up the tire pressure monitor system for the trailer. I can buy sensors, get them installed in my wheels/tires, and this device will also show the vehicle tire pressures.

The toilet paper holder and towel bar in the bathroom came uninstalled (not sure it it was left for the buyer to do or was forgotten). I have to get those put in as well but there are questions I have as to where I can and cannot mount things due to how it’s constructed.


That’s it for this post. Stay sane-ish.


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