Hot and Getting Hotter; Mmmm; Shopping

Great name for a bar

Hot & muggy here today; 96° F with a heat index of 102° F. The next few days’ temps will be over 100° F and heat index of nearly 110°F. Stop it. Just stop it.

I need to mow the damn grass but it rained yesterday so it’s muddy and the grass was too wet even if it was cool enough to mow. Looks like I’ll be getting out either early or very late in the day to get it done if it ever gets cool enough again. With the ridiculous temperatures it should dry out so maybe I can get out Thursday since tomorrow isn’t looking promising. I have to be careful with my heart stuff and asthma in this weather so I’m usually stuck inside the house, car or somewhere else inside.

I got out for a few minutes this evening to trim the grass around the mailbox and trim a few branches by the road so I can see cars when I pull out of the driveway. It was still pretty warm but at least there was a nice breeze. I still didn’t stay out long.

I had to get some weed and brush killer today to take care of some poison ivy and some really tall weeds by a couple of dead trees I gotta take down. I really don’t have much choice; don’t have a brush hog and can’t burn them. I gotta get in and get them done do they don’t fall on anyone.


I needed to use up some pizza dough so I decided to fire up the Ooni pizza oven for a wood-fired pie for lunch before it got too hot outside. Prosciutto, olive oil, basil, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Very tasty and to keep my diet under control I split it in half and have enough for another meal. It turned out pretty delicious.

I saw an article about saving energy and they said doing meal prep actually saves energy. I started doing that a bit again after I read that. I haven’t gone crazy like I have in the past where I do prepping all day on Sunday. Now when I cook a meal I cook bigger recipes but only do a couple of extra portions. No need to go too crazy.

Last night I mixed up the ground lamb and spices for koefta kebabs. After 36 hours of the lamb and spices having a party it oughta be good. I will fire up the charcoal hibachi tomorrow before it gets too hot and get those cooked up.. Got the pita bread, tzatziki and feta. Gotta make a supply run in the morning so while I’m out I’ll get a red onion and tomatoes tomorrow morning to top it off. There will be a couple of extra portions left so those will get frozen.

It’s looking like the stir fry veggies will be done inside on the stove since it’ll probably be way too hot out to fire up the propane wok burner.


I’m still looking at trailers. Unfortunately this is the worst time to buy one so what there is that I like is expensive and there’s probably not much downward movement on prices. October is the sweet spot for RVs but I don’t know if I can wait that long. I got places to go.

I know interest rates are also high so that is another thing to consider. With the high prices right now it means more interest and bigger payments.

I really hate playing the game of buying cars, trailers, or used things because everyone thinks it should be a part of it. I don’t have to bargain for my groceries so quit the nonsense and price things fair to start with. Not everyone wants to play games.

I’ll probably go through Costco since they pre-negotiate the price at participating dealerships. They do it for cars and RVs so I might as well use the service.

That’s it for today. Until next time!


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