July 23rd, 2023 – Back to St. Joe, MO

Well, another chance to get out of the house so it was back to the dog show.

Watching these always reminds me of the movie “Best in Show”. If you have not seen it you need to – it is EXACTLY what it’s like at a dog show. It’s a hilarious mockumentary.

Anyhoo, between rounds I took a walk around downtown again and got more pictures along with some exercise before it hot too hot. I walked a little over two miles n my little adventure.

I really love architecture and seeing some of those old buildings in Europe was so cool; the Köln Cathedral in Germany and The Grand Place in Brussels were just a few examples that really stand out. Buildings here can be just as special but in different ways; in Europe the Köln Cathedral was started in the 1200s, and the church in Edinburgh Castle was built in the 1100s. If you go back in my blog to January 2018 or February 2020 and check out those trip posts I have pictures of these places and more.

Obviously, you can tell from my travel pictures that doorways are a favorite of mine; they are usually designed to give a great first impression to those who visit or pass by and for some reason they speak so much to me. Not really sure why, but the Edward Hopper painting Nighthawks speaks to me as well for some reason.

I love walking around cities. If you open your mind and your eyes you can see so much above and below the surface. On both trips to Europe we walked all over the place (I believe 13 miles just around London in a day!). The only major U.S. city I have spent a lot of time in is Seattle and it’s a great city. I have been in a few others, however, I DO feel safer in European cities than here honestly. But, I’m spreading my wings and working at getting out into more downtown places around this country.

So there ya go…a little more of St. Joseph, MO to check out. I still will go back to check out the city further.

Thanks for reading my blog.


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