July 22nd, 2023 – St. Joseph, MO

Today I got out of the house and made a trip to “St. Joe”. I was back in the heart of Downtown but in a different area farther north of the Pony Express Museum.

I did not get around to see too much due to time constraints but I did get out to get a few pictures and get some delicious food for a splurge day.

As I said in my previous post there’s a lot of history here and some pretty cool old buildings. I also grabbed a few shots of some cool artwork/graffiti.

I’m still going to have to go back and explore more. I saw much more of downtown this time and there’s some areas I want to walk around and check out up close.

I was at the Civic Arena for a dog show Meghan was showing dogs in. I thought I had been in that place before and when I got inside it looked familiar. Back when I did concert/stage lighting & sound I worked a Kansas show there.

I watched her first two rounds and got hungry (I was NOT eating concession food) so I found a place called RV’s Lunch Car. I checked them out on Yelp (my go-to for reviews) and found just what I needed.

I walked a few blocks down the street and placed my order – a Cubano & fries. It’s officially now a splurge day.

My food was put together fresh and very fast. The staff was very friendly as I picked up my food to go.

I cracked open the box and angels sang. There it was in all its glory (and no, it wasn’t partially eaten…):

I don’t usually like shoestring fries – to me it’s like eating greasy pencils since they jab you in the mouth and throat when you try to eat them. These, however, were incredibly good and are in my top three fries – right up there with Dick’s Drive-in up in Seattle and the fries I had in a bar near Grand Coulee Dam. To top it off, these tasty morsels were dipped in what looked to be a cup of homemade ketchup. THAT stuff was so delicious and took that condiment to the next level.

That sandwich. Holy cow. Pulled pork, ham, mustard, dill pickle & cheese on a very good bread toasted up in a panini press. It was sooooo good but I could not eat it all. I got through about ⅔ of my meal and couldn’t eat more. I’m typing this six hours later and I’m still full!

Since they made their own ketchup, it made me wonder about the mustard being made there too. It did not taste like typical mustard – more mellow but still had great flavor.

I left late afternoon to get back, and an unmarked construction detour sent me on some nice winding backroads with beautiful views.

A short but good day. I really needed to get out of the house and decompress. The dogs & I have been cooped up because of the heat so I was glad to get out.

When I got back I let them out and they went crazy, running and chasing each other. It was still hot but not like it was (or will be this coming week). Rumor, freak that she is, will just drop and roll for no reason. She does it whether she’s walking along or running.

That’s all for today’s adventure! Time for a glass of red.


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