Swelter Weather; Trailer; Food

FFS. This weather is ridiculous and it sucks. Heat index yesterday of 108° F. With the hot breeze blowing it’s just like being in a giant air fryer. Taking a bath/shower is futile & useless, yet necessary.


No word on the trailer yet other than it is a total loss. I was hoping to hear by now but I assume that they are trying to find comps to get a value. I told them it may be tough to find especially since they have requirements like the trailer has to be available at a dealer (which will be damn near impossible to find – I have tried).

I have pretty much everything removed from the trailer and hope to finish it up tomorrow. Just have to remove the mattress and the stuff in the compartments under it and that should be the last of it. I’ll have to get on it early before the heat really kicks in.

I have a feeling they will not be fair in their initial offer so I am prepared to stick up for myself. I have had to do that in the past when I had another vehicle totaled with hail. I got double what the offer was.


I had some interesting food last night. Tried a new (to me) Thai/sushi place and it was pretty good. I got the drunken noodles which, along with basil noodles with chicken, has become my new favorite in place of pad Thai. Wide rice noodles are such a nice change in a dish.

I also got to try a couple of different sushi rolls that were fried; one with tempura shrimp, cooked crab & seafood sauce and the other one I believe was a fried California roll, Both were very delicious. I never knew that sushi could be cooked let alone fried.

And before you give me any grief, I don’t eat raw seafood. I have had a taste of a raw sushi and was not a fan; even the thought of it gags me. And, seeing health warnings on beaches in Washington, I am not taking a chance with PSP or Vibrio. I also don’t eat raw meat or a burger that isn’t at least medium well.


That’s it for now. See you next time.


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