Today’s Prompt – June 30, 2023

Are there things you try to practice daily to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Yes, I try to do what I can for the planet.

I try to follow air quality guidelines when warnings are issued – no mowing or trimming with gas-powered equipment, limit my driving, etc.

I try to maximize any trips I make to get everything I need so I go out for things as little as possible. I try to plan trips efficiently and logically. Any deliveries I combine into a single delivery if possible.

As much as possible, I don’t buy things packaged in plastic and really shop consciously when it comes to my trash output. I recycle the things I can.

I throw away very little food – in fact, almost none and I try to compost. Food is too expensive to waste.

My house A/C is set at 75° F most of the time and I’m usually comfortable. After my heart attack I get cold easier so it works to my advantage in summer. I still hate hate HATE hot weather. I keep my blackout curtains closed on hot days to help with keeping the house cool.

I use LED bulbs throughout the house along with low-flow shower fixtures.

I do many other things as well to minimize my impact. It’s not that difficult or expensive.


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