I’m so pissed about my trailer repair facility. I’m not going to even try to make a long story short; it’s too convoluted to even believe. Suffice it to say that I’ll never deal with Camping World for ANYTHING ever again if at all possible. Worst customer experience ever. Dumbass policies they have to do business. I’ll be chatting with the CEO when I am done with them (there’s a direct complaint line to his office posted on the website).

After plenty of forced exercise getting the runaround from them, I got off the phone with them then talked with my adjuster and he has had little luck getting answers too.

I took it a step further and asked if he had looked up my trailer value and he had not yet since he did not even have the pictures from the CW estimate yet. So, he has no idea of the damage so I told him the roof is wasted and all has to be peeled off starting at the front. He said that could be $10000 in work.

That would make it a good candidate for being a total loss. I’ve been thinking that the potential of that happening is becoming more possible so I’ve been looking at options for what I’ll do if that happens.

If it is totaled I’ll cash out of course. If not, and it will be fixed, I’m getting an estimate elsewhere. Camping World will not get my repair business.


Just a quick update for now. It’s not looking real rainbows & unicorns for the Scotty.

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