Way Cool; Trailer Repair

I have been having an issue with the central air conditioning for quite some time now. It’s a pretty odd issue – the breaker keeps tripping but it is not consistent. I have noticed it usually happens on the hottest of days. It kept tripping the breaker rather excessively yesterday and it got up to 77° F in the house. It has made it vey difficult to keep it comfy the last few days, and yesterday was an exercise in frustration.

I was wondering about a few things that could be the problem. First was the breaker. It had already been replaced (as well as the A/C unit) so I knew it was good. However, it is only a 15 amp breaker and I felt it was not a big enough breaker for the current draw.

Another possibility was the thermostat, probably a 1st generation digital. I considered this because it seemed to be happening at a certain temperature setting and it is an older model.

I thought I’d try the cheap fix first before I had my glass of wine. Safety first! Looking at the breaker panel I found a 20 amp breaker not being used to it’s potential so I decided to swap the breakers.

I shut off the main breaker to the house and got the breakers switched around. I turned the house power back on and the A/C came on immediately. I thought that was odd because when the breaker trips and I reset it, it usually takes 2-3 minutes to start back up.

Anyhoo, it came on fine and had not yet tripped the breaker again, whereas it had gotten to the point of resetting it about every 10-15 minutes. This morning it was still on and has stayed on all day. Oh yeah!

I was fairly certain it was a power draw issue and makes me wonder if there was not enough power going through to start the compressor and the blower at the same time. Working with electricity when I did stagehand work & concert lighting for several years I learned a lot about electrical stuff. Knowing what I knew it seemed logical that that was the issue.

It’s working fine so that’s what matters!


I drained the trailer water system again after trying to do my repair/upgrade to the drain. I could not get the old valve to stop leaking under pressure so time to get serious and it started leaking inside just a little when I tried to reset the valve. After finally finding the “T” I needed I picked up a couple of new parts and will remove the offending valve to replace with a “T”.

I hunted all over the interwebs and RV stores and still never found the valve I needed so I’m having to improvise. I checked with Amazon and even THEY didn’t have any that showed up in a search so I have no idea where to get them.

I was hoping to fix it today but it’s too damn hot and the air quality is so bad I shouldn’t be out in it.

I guess it’s good I got the A/C fixed before that happened!

While hunting for parts I believe that I found a shop to fix the hail damage. I gotta follow up on it this coming week so I can get it done in, hopefully, a reasonably short time.


That is all for this post. As always thank you for reading my blog.


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