June 2nd, 2023: Road Trip – A Stop on my Foodie Bucket List

I went to Topeka. KS today, a city I have really never spent any time in to speak of. Topeka was always just another place outside the window, passing through on the way to Colorado.

I did see some interesting & beautiful architecture while driving around today. There’s the state capital, with the infamous John Brown mural that’s on the cover of the first album by the band Kansas. Topeka also has one of the very few NPS sites in Kansas with the Brown vs. Board of Education site.

I think I will make another trip over there one day to check out more places around the city. Today, however, it’s about food. Delicious, tasty food made with love.

I have an extensive “Foodie Bucket List” to go Ali g with my regular list. In Topeka is one stop in my Foodie Bucket List.

Obviously, this is a splurge day for me. So, here’s the details!

Topeka, KS

It’s an old-school place, probably much like it was when it opened in 1948. A small dining area that can probably get pretty crowded on a Friday or Saturday night. There’s what looks to be the original cool old half-circle lunch counter with stools to sit on along with some tables & chairs and the wall-mounted menu.

Bobo Drive-In certainly proved to be a worthy candidate for my List. As many of you long-time readers of this here blog know, I have professed my love of these classic mom & pop places more than once. I really love the history behind these places and the longevity of small places like this speaks volumes about the quality of the food.

Check out that awesome lunch counter! The hanging light on the far right had Guy Fieri’s autograph from when Triple D visited.

Rather eat in the car or get it to go? They got you covered with outdoor carhop service; just pull into a spot, look at the big painted menus hanging up, honk your horn and place that order.

Talk about old-school, they have carhop service!

So, how was it? Oh man, it was delicious. I ordered a Spanish burger & fries with my usual water (maybe next time I’ll get a vanilla shake). Our food was out in probably no more than five minutes, hot & cooked fresh.

Spanish burger with fries

This particular burger is a steak burger – in my opinion the only way to eat a steak. Never been a fan of steak but it makes a damn tasty burger. And no, Steak n Shake is nowhere NEAR this quality. On it was lettuce & pickle. There was possibly some onion but I’m not certain about that; could have been in the Spanish sauce, which was a tomato-based condiment kind of like a mixture of barbecue sauce and the Ballymaloe relish I like so much.

The burger was cooked perfectly with a nice crust on it. It was juicy and delicious, and that sauce really was tasty. Shoulda got a double!

I’m not a big fan of shoestring fries at all, but I forgot to order onion rings in my haste for sustenance. The fries were cooked perfectly as well. Next time as well!

So if you find yourself in Topeka, KS be sure to check this place out. There’s some really neat buildings in the area to look at as well.

That’s all for this post. Got a storm coming so gotta keep an eye on the weather.

Until next time, thank you for reading!


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