Oh, Come On Now!; Housework; Errands; Imo’s Pizza; Back on the Porch

Whew! It’s 72° F in the morning and the humidity is about the same percentage. It was a very steamy start to the day today and has stayed humid most of the day. A little rain overnight and a chance for storms to pop up most of the week. We certainly got some serious rain late this afternoon and into the evening so unfortunately the grass is gonna grow- and I gotta cut it.

I’m not very heat tolerant and when you add the humidity and today’s poor air quality in I’m inside somewhere trying to stay healthy on a day like today, be it in a building or a vehicle. I did get to get outside a little bit and that was nice.


With the sticky weather there’s no sitting on the porch this morning. But it’s okay as I have some things to do inside while waiting for better weather to get outside.

I got the last two light fixtures installed this morning. I really scored on these lights; yeah, they are plain, simple fixtures but they were on the bargain shelf for $5. One even had a bulb included so I got by pretty cheap to replace four fixtures.


I went to do laundry late this morning and while it was washing I had 23 minutes to hit the thrift store just down the street a block. It’s one of my favorites because they have some interesting stuff, but they are reasonably priced, friendly, and their proceeds go to an animal rescue.

I’m glad I walked down there since I got an IKEA track light for the kitchen for $2. A great score since I’ve been wanting to put one up and light the area better. I’m hoping I can get it lit good enough, but I’m not sure. However I think I might be able to modify it to get more light if necessary. I will have a very well-lit kitchen.

I also made a stop to get some parts to fix the trailer drain. I got home and crawled underneath to make this quick repair/upgrade and the pipe out of the bottom of the trailer is a different size than the pipes inside the trailer, I shoulda measured it but didn’t so my bad. I’ll go exchange for the the correct parts tomorrow,


I heated up the Imo’s pizza and it is different; not bad, but different. I really liked it but it’s so different it’s hard to describe. It is richer and has a creaminess to it. The sauce is really good, a very thin crust, and the taste of provel cheese. Yeah, I definitely give it a thumbs up. I cannot wait to get a fresh pie and see how that is. If you can find a restaurant or one frozen someplace


I decided to get back outside late afternoon but had to come back in. The rain was blowing really good and was getting onto the porch, so we had to come back inside. But we came out later and it’s raining pretty heavy but it’s calm and lots of lightning. Needless to say the dogs were not amused by all the thunder. It is really coming down. This will be a good test of the basement and the steps I have taken to keep water out.

I do have to say that I was a bit concerned by the radar forecast. It was showing a circular pattern as a storm was going to move through and that’s how tornadoes are formed. Don’t want any part of that nonsense.

That’s all for now. See you next time.


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