Weather Today; It’s Ready Now!; But This Ain’t; Food

Yesterday afternoon an air quality alert came out for today that expires tonight so I got outside early while I was still able to be outside. Unfortunately, the cardiac stuff and my slight asthma make me have to take precautions on days like this.

Right around noon it’s 81° F with a nice breeze. So far the air quality is good, but I’ll sit outside until I can’t. As it heats up it will probably get worse so the dogs and I are outside for now. When I was working on the trailer this morning I was breaking a sweat – it felt a bit humid but that has subsided until tonight.

It has definitely cooled off into a nice evening with just the slightest breeze. Some folks are hauling their boats & campers back home it looks like. Probably want a day to kick back at home, but there’s also a 30% chance of some weather the next few days so they may just be playing it safe..

But, hey…it’s all good. I have to just take be careful and take care of myself to not be affected. If it’s too bad I just kick back in the A/C, watch some movies and take care of any indoor stuff that needs taken care of.


Yesterday I nuked the trailer water system with some bleach and let it sit overnight to kill anything in the tank, water heater and all of the lines, faucet & shower. That should handle any possible mold or pathogens.

I went out this morning and got everything drained & flushed so I’m ready for the road! Yesterday there were still a few drips but I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions until I was completely done in case something came loose and drained out. Or if I discovered an issue with something needing replaced.

I finished up the “city water” side first, which is where the leaky valve is. I got it rinsed out under pressure hoping that would clear it out but it was still leaking a little. Oddly, though, I discovered that it really leaks under pressure after I opened and shut it again. That means it won’t work with either city water or the on-board pump. It’s brokeded.

I am really glad I discovered that little plot twist now so I can make sure it’s good for travel. I gotta have water no matter where I am. I will end up relocating it using a different valve mounted under the trailer. Easier access to drain that way since I would not need to get to the compartment under the mattress. Newer trailers are all done this way and I have seen many mods like what I am going to do. Might as well do all three valves if I can get the parts cheap enough. I’ll go price stuff Tuesday.

From now on I will definitely be closing those drain valves whenever I winterize the trailer. This was the first time I have (accidentally) left them open; I never had any problems until I did. I’m not sure if it was because I left it open or not, or if there’s something that happened to the valve (o-rings dried out from being left open), if something crawled up in there, or if something was in the line and came loose and cause a seal issue.


I got the new regulator parts put in the air compressor. It started building a little pressure but wasn’t doing enough so I swapped another part in and plugged it in. Still not gaining pressure. Not sure why it did it THIS time, but a small hole blew out in the bottom of the tank. I hope the damn thing is fixable; I just dropped $50 on these parts! I’ll look and see if I can buy a tank or if it’s cheaper to get a different one. Pretty annoying.


For supper last night I grilled up a Beyond Burger covered with a few of my favorite toppings: Ballymaloe Relish, Colman mustard, lettuce, kosher dill slices and a piece of American cheese. That relish/mustard combination is really delicious – much better than the customary ketchup and regular yellow mustard; less sweet and more savory. It was pretty good but I think I’m liking the texture of the Impossible Burgers just a little more.

Lunch outdoors today was lasagna with a glass of wine. When I put the leftover lasagna away a few nights back it was much less watery. When I put the noodles in they were al dente so between them sucking up some moisture and the heat of the oven it looks like the problem fixed itself! It was fine for lunch!

That’s a wrap for this post. Thanks again for coming by.


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