Today’s Prompt – May 29th, 2023

What does “having it all” mean to you? Is it attainable?

Used to be that “having it all” meant the big house, fancy cars, a hot spouse of your preferred age range, a yacht, two or three vacation homes scattered about the planet, and a big income that still never pays for “having it all”.

I think having it all is really a state of mind; basically it really means you’re happy with how your life is. I really think everyone has their own meaning of the phrase and they live their lives accordingly.

At least you should.

We should live our lives for ourselves. We really have nothing to prove to anyone outside of ourselves. I’m certainly not rich financially, but I have gotten to do many really cool things in my life because they were things I wanted to do and experience, be it a profession or while traveling. I found a way to make it happen.

So I think it’s “attainable”? I most certainly do but I think it changes as we get older because of our experiences – we constantly (should) want new experiences. Define your own meaning of “having it all” and go make it happen. It’s not necessarily about money but let’s be honest…it IS important (but, it’s not real happiness, is it?). I think it’s about having the things that make you happy & fulfilled; a great job you like, you are satisfied with the gadgets you have, your car still runs, etc.

I want to say something about the job thing. I recently saw yet another diatribe against the old adage “Work a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”. A saying that the host of Dirty Jobs poo-poos. Of course he would – he is an actor, has fans who adore him, and rides in limos far more than many of us. So just why DOES he keep suffering through all of this attention?

Dirty Jobs has worked at a lot of shit jobs, yet Mike doesn’t give up his lucrative acting/singing career and work in a charcoal factory or a sewage plant, does he? Hmmm…I wonder if, per chance, he loves his job.

I call bullshit on that mentality and I am sick of people saying that nonsense. You may not necessarily get to work a job that you love, but nobody works a job they absolutely hate (for very long usually).

Even then, you can still have YOUR own ”all”. Maybe it’s fishing for a weekend a month, a spa weekend you have saved for, a bucket list you have made…anything big or small that makes you happy.

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