Bambi Almost Got It; Knee; Yesterday; Trailer Stuff

On my way to the doctor this morning a deer ran across the highway in front of the car ahead of me. I’m talking missed by mere inches. It probably would have been bad – a small car and a young adult deer – and I am glad everyone was fine.


I was on my way to the doctor to see what is going on with my knee. I still don’t know what happened that is causing the swelling and pain…and the doctor doesn’t know what is wrong since there is no obvious trauma.

I got an x-ray and of course it showed nothing since it is probably soft tissue-related. But, as luck would have it, I am able to get some relief and hopefully it goes away after the treatment.

The treatment? An injection in my knee. Sounds horrible, and it was not a hoot by any means, but I did not feel the needle go in and only felt a little pain as the plunger pushed the medicine in. I turned my head when he did it; even after all my recent surgeries and spinal injections without sedation I still cannot watch a needle go in even on TV. It’s more the thought of it. Here’s hoping it fixes the problem! 🍷

As of tonight I can see and feel the swelling has receded and it’s getting less painful. I’m not gonna jinx it by saying it is fine but it is improving Yay!

Sitting around on my ass has been very difficult to do. I need (and want) some exercise and there’s plenty of things I need to do. I’m looking forward to getting back after it in a few days after it heals a bit more per doctor’s orders.


A belated Happy Mother’s Day to not only those of you who are mothers, but also those of you fortunate enough to still have yours around (that is if they are worth your time to talk to). I really miss my parents and think about them both all the time. It’s an emptiness that never goes away and it sucks. But, I was lucky enough to have them in my life at all.


It’s looking like the weather is going to cool down a bit to more seasonal temps so I can give the trailer a good wash after the storminess subsides. I need to get a new cover for it to help keep it clean; my old cover wore out. It really helped in many ways and might even help with the hail but it’s too late for that this time.

With the knee getting better I will finally be able to get underneath to see what is stopping the drain from closing. I think a spider might have crawled up in there since I left the valve open over the winter. I looked at buying a few new valves but they are kind of so I hope to fix the problem with what I have.


That’s it for now. Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Bambi Almost Got It; Knee; Yesterday; Trailer Stuff

  1. You no I was coming back into town night before last and I swear this road at night is a death trap. I saw at least 50 deer on it, I was scared to death. Of course this road last for at least 25 miles in the middle of nowhere no street lights. Glad no one is hurt.

    • I’ve gotten to the point I don’t drive much at night unless necessary. It’s that time of year where the highways are covered with animals – some that made it and others not as fortunate. I’m considering getting some of those plastic deer alert whistles that go on the car. I used them years ago and they do work. You might consider that as well. They might help you avoid hitting them, but of course it’s also about driver awareness.

      Be safe out there, Patty!

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